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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nous sommes le monde (...sort of)

In what is becoming ever less shocking news, another terrorist attack occurred this morning. Brussels' international aeroport and metro network were both targeted early this morning to devastating effect. Bombs ripped through crowded spaces, taking the lives of at least 26 people and leaving nearly one hundred people wounded.  The loss of life is difficult to comprehend, even more so because Brussels is a mirror; it reflects back our image of ''Westerness'' and betrays that vulnerability. We could have all been in a similar public place, minding our own business. After all, terrorism is meant to strike fear into the heart of man.

As I have done numerous times before, I'd like to tirelessly point to the rise in such violence in recent months and the discussion that seems to be happening about it all over again.

It is unnerving, to say the least, that the attacks that occurred this morning have already broken the internet when, merely a week ago, Ankara was plagued by the same terror without much fanfare. But please, allow me to be perfectly unequivocal - there is a massive problem with expressing our solidarity with victims of terrorism when we attach conditions. Please see this post. Or this one. Or in fact this one as well. We are all not Brussels UNLESS we are also Ankara, Homs, Tunis, Baghdad, Mardan, or Beirut.

I'm far from at a loss for words, however. There is a lot to say in response to the usual parade of Islamophobia. This morning's tragedy has brought forth a long line of ''terrorism experts'' who are pontificating on all the malice of various cells without even addressing the context that permits terrorism. Brussels is not a random act: the city is the epicentre of the European project - a symbol of Islamophobia, inaction, segregation, injustice, and more.

It is truly tragic that so many people have died as a result of terrorism, but it is important to understand precisely why these events occur - not in the name of excusing them; rather, as a means of trying to come about a resolution that is not merely to feed into the viscious cycles of hate and division.

I truly dislike sounding like a broken record, but something has got to change in the West if we are truly as interested in peace and prosperity as we claim to be.

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